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How can I order a juice cleanse?

You can order the cleanse online or at our stores. Please check here to find a nood food location nearest to you.


I ordered on Monday, but why can’t I start the cleanse until Thursday? Does it really take 4 days?

Once we receive the order (day 1), it’ll be processed at our production kitchen the next day (day 2). Then the juices will be cold-pressed, sent to our store and be ready for you to pick up (day 3). After picking up the juices, you can start your cleanse bright and early the next day (day 4).


I don’t want to pick up the juices every day. Can I pick up all the cleanses at once?

Although our cold-pressed juices have 2-3 days’ shelf life in the fridge, we recommend that you pick up the juices daily for optimal freshness in your cleansing experience.


Is home delivery not available?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer home delivery service at this time. Cleanses can only be picked up from our stores.


I’ve already booked my cleanse but I want to change my dates
Yes, we are happy to change your dates for you. In the event you need to reschedule your dates, please send us an email at or call at +852 5299 2755 2 days before you are due to pick up your cleanse. Please note the new scheduled start date must fall within one month of your original date.


Refunds & cancellations
In order to cancel and receive a full refund we must receive a written notification at or call at +852 5299 2755 at least 2 days before your cleanse delivery date. Once a cleanse has been picked up, we are not able to provide refunds. Refunds will be processed within 2 weeks from receiving confirmation. In the event that we are out of stock and a refund is requested, this will also take 2 weeks to process.


Cooler Bags
In an effort to be environmentally friendly, only one cooler bag and ice pack will be provided for pick-up orders. If you wish to purchase another cooler bag & ice pack at our counter, an additional cost of HK$40 will apply.


When should I drink my supplements and juice?
We advise you take supplements at particular times of the day, but you can choose when to take the others. If you drink your juices every 2-3 hours you can spread them evenly throughout the day.


Do I still take my vitamins and medications?
If you are currently under any medications, please consult your doctor before starting a juice cleanse programme, especially if you are taking blood thinners, anticoagulants or you have any kind of problem with regard to blood clotting issues. Green juices are a rich source of vitamin K which is a natural clotting agent. Furthermore, grapefruit juice might affect the absorption of certain medications. Therefore, it is advised you consult your physician before doing a juice cleanse.


What else can I do to maximise the benefits of a juice cleanse?
During a cleanse try to get some moderate exercise like gentle yoga classes or Walking for 20-30 minutes. Breathing exercises are very important during a juice cleanse, as they will help your body feel calm and release any stress of the day. Try to do more relaxing activities and not get involved in stressful interactions. Do your best to sleep well (around 8 hours) as this will also help your body recover and restore during your juice cleanse.


Can I smoke or drink whilst doing a cleanse?
No way, during a cleanse you want to keep your body away from any intoxicants such as cigarettes and alcohol. Taking these substances will cancel many of the positive effects because your body will be much more receptive and sensitive to substances entering the system.


Can I have soft drinks?
We don’t recommend it during a cleanse. In fact, we don’t recommend it at all. Water with lemon or citrus juice or tea will help you flush out the toxins better.


Is it all right to drink tea with sugar?
We do not recommend refined sugar because it has been stripped of most of its vitamins and minerals, but if you MUST, you can add a small amount of coconut palm sugar or flower nectar- It’s natural and has a lower GI than most conventional sweeteners.


There are times when I just can’t be drinking a juice, if I have some light solid food like a green salad, will all my juicing efforts go in vain?
While we recommend that you choose a viable time or period for your cleanse, we understand complications in life do happen. If following a juicing regiment has become somewhat of a problem, please limit yourself to light food such as vegetable soup, raw or slightly steamed green vegetables to minimise the impact on your juice cleanse.


Must I drink the juices in order from 1-8?
Yes and no. We order our juices for the best benefits for you. For example, your stomach is able to absorb and assimilate nutrients much better when it’s empty in the morning, which is why we always put Lemon Aid in the morning to trigger your digestive systems for better absorption of the rest of the juices. That said, it will still be all right if you prefer half of your Easy Almond first thing in the morning for some slow-release energy from protein.