What are cleanses good for?

  • Calorie management - On a juice cleanse, you'll have a clear idea of how many calories you are consuming in a day. Helps you stick to your goals and hit your targets!
  • Fibre, fibre, fibre! - Fibre helps to keep the gut healthy, which is super important to overall wellness. These all-natural fruit & veggie juices are an ideal way to ensure your daily dose of fibre.
  • Sugar control - No sugar is added to any of our cold-pressed juices = No empty calories added to your daily diet.

Cleanse expectations

  • Due to the lower-than-usual number of calories you'll be taking in during the cleanse period, you will most likely lose some weight. But the juice cleanse is NOT a diet product! Instead, think of it as a "reset" button that'll get your body in the mood for a healthier lifestyle.

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